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Go Smart Solar exists to drive rapid adoption of Solar. Only two things are holding the conversion to clean energy back: Knowledge and Price. Most of you have never purchased solar before, so you don’t know what to ask and what to expect. This leaves you vulnerable to overpaying – simply because you don’t know any better. Sadly, some companies prey on your lack of knowledge to raise prices.

We strive to be very different. We believe that if we help educate our buyers *and* offer a really good price from the start, then they’re more likely to buy (and tell their friends about us). That’s our goal and our pledge to you. If we’re not living up to it, please let us know here

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David Casillas, Field Operations Manager

Hats, boots and back country lifestyles are David’s likes. Originally from Mexico and with a background in architecture, his passions are designs that involve craftsmanship and the process of making every project come true. He is always looking for those small details that makes the difference between a good and great project. His goal is to provide the best user experience possible with the highest quality. Either on the roof or riding horses, he’s always open to help.

Andrew Wood, Director of Sales Operations

Andrew started at Go Smart Solar in hopes to change the way solar energy is purchased—transitioning from a sales process to an educational process. Andrew started in the solar industry in 2009 when there were 39 solar installations in San Antonio. He has been a part of the growth to over 9,000 solar installations throughout the city. His diverse experience in PV ranges from non-profit solar policy and advocacy work, residential sales and operations, to utility scale programs. He received a BS in Environmental Science from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Andrew currently lives in San Antonio with his wife, a new baby girl and their golden retriever. Andrew is originally from England, but would never move back because they don’t have breakfast tacos.

Supratim Srinivasan, VP Engineering

In addition to mad ping pong skills, Supratim brings engineering and technical expertise to the Go Smart family. He got his start in solar as an undergrad where he built a mobile disaster relief solar trailer that won the San Antonio Green Buildings Award in 2009. Since then, he has designed and engineered over a thousand residential, commercial and utility size systems in the central Texas area. He holds a BS in Engineering, BA in Physics from St. Mary’s University and a MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at San Antonio. Supratim currently lives in San Antonio and enjoys talking about running more than running itself.

N. Jason Pittman, PE Co-Founder | President

Jason co-founded Go Smart Solar in an effort to lower the cost of solar, promote the mass adoption of residential and commercial solar generation and improve the user experience. Jason’s 12 years of clean energy and solar PV experience ranges from large utility scale systems and distributed residential and commercial system to the development and execution of utility programs. Jason has previously served as Vice Chairman for Solar San Antonio and currently serves as the Treasurer for Build San Antonio Green. He holds a BS in engineering from the University of Texas and a MS degree from the McCombs School of Business. Jason lives in San Antonio with his wife and two children where they hike in the local green spaces and look forward to taking over the downtown streets during SiClovia.

Robert Miggins, Co-Founder | CEO

Robert co-founded Go Smart Solar to be a part of the future of energy. He believes moving to more renewable energy is not just the right thing to do, but it creates opportunities, jobs and growth. Prior to founding GSS, he spent 15 years in executive leadership roles at high growth web hosting and cloud computing companies – first at Rackspace as Vice President Sales and Product Development and then at Peer1 Hosting as Senior Vice President Business Development. He holds a BA in economics from Washington and Lee University and an MBA from the McCombs School of Business. A native Houstonian, Robert lives in San Antonio with his wife and 4 kids. He made the smart switch from being a Rockets fan to a Spurs fan back in ‘99. His timing on other things is rarely that perfect.

We want solar on every roof at the lowest possible price. If our evaluation determines that solar is a good fit for your roof, we are dedicated to getting you the best price through a process that is honest, transparent, and knowledgable.

Robert and Jason | Go Smart Solar

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