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1 Increase Net Operating Income

Every dollar saved on operating expenses increases your Net Operating Income. Solar PV is a great way to increase the capitalization rate for multi-family and senior living properties. With our production guarentee and 25-year warranty on the solar PV panels, your investment is safe.

2 Available Incentives Lower Payback

Local rebates lower the out-of-pocket costs of going solar. Plus the federal government provides a 30% Investment Tax Credit the the project CAPEX and MACRS and BONUS depreciation on solar equipment. Depending on the cost of electricity and your federal tax rate, internal rate of returns are in the low to mid teens and ROI paybacks are less than 6 years.

3 Put Your Roof To Work

I bet your senior living facility has a huge roof that get lots of sun. Fill it up with solar PV panels to lower your operating costs and increase the Net Operating Income. If you decide to exit the investment, the higher Net Operating Income equals higher property valuation and returns for your investment group.