About Us

Go Smart Solar exists to drive the rapid adoption of solar. Only two things are holding the conversion to clean energy back: Knowledge and Price. Most of our customers have never purchased solar before, so they don’t know what to ask and what to expect. This leaves you vulnerable to overpaying – simply because you don’t know any better.  Allow Go Smart Solar to help you make informed decisions about  your solar energy solutions.

We strive to be very different. We believe that if we help educate our buyers and offer a really good price from the start, then they’re more likely to buy (and tell their friends about us). That’s our goal and our pledge to you. If we’re not living up to it, please let us know here

Meet the Team

Robert Miggins


N. Jason Pittman


Andrew Wood

Director of Sales Operations

Fanny Reyes

Solar Designer

Charlie Kirk

Field Operations Manager

Kaitlynn Vail

Office Support Manager

Rosalie Reuss

Product Manager

Andre Gomes

Senior Software Engineer

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