Solar Apartment Installations


River House Apartments

Adding a solar apartment installation on your property is a pwerful way to decrease energy cost, giving you a sustainable, green property. 

We are proud to have helped the River House Apartments go solar. At the time of installation, the River House Apartments was the largest multifamily solar project in San Antonio.

The River House community is making a powerful impact on the environment. The solar apartment installation will produce 246,397 kWh of electricity per year.

The benefits of switching to solar

Switching to solar created instant results to the River House Apartments. Not only are the apartments lowering the utility bill, the solar energy helps the environment as well.

annual kwh Production


Panels Installed


Percent Offset


Tree Planted Equivalent


per month
Cars equivalent


per month
Tons of Co2 reduced


per month

“The Go Smart Solar team really understood our project goals. We really believe in solar power because it’s the right thing to do for the environment, but Go Smart Solar showed us how it also was a very good investment for the company. They ran detailed financial models to clearly explain all the variables: rebates, tax credits, accelerated depreciation – all with a goal of giving us the highest return on our investment. They also supplied carbon offset facts which are helpful when marketing solar powered storage to our customers.”

Chris Bowley, VP Operations, Hixon Properties Inc.


Pavilions at Northshore Apartments

We are proud to work with ComCapp to help bring solar PV to The Pavilion at Northshore Apartments.

ComCapp is taking sustainability a step further by installing 43 kW of solar generation at its Pavilions at North Shore community. The system will power the facility’s common areas and is expected to avoid 99,588 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

The benefits of switching to solar

Switching to solar instantly increased net operting income for the property and partners.

Annual KWH Production


PErcent Offset


Trees planted


per month
Car Miles Taken off


per month
pounds of coal burned


per month

“Adding onsite solar generation and switching to 100 percent renewable energy enables us to reduce our energy consumption and the environmental impact of our properties, which benefits our residents and the communities we serve.”

Rob Finley, President, ComCapp

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