Now May Be the Best Time to Invest in Commercial Solar

Now May Be the Best Time to Invest in Commercial Solar

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Today, businesses face ever-increasing overhead costs – especially when it comes to electricity, which they rely on to run more and more machines and electronic devices. This makes it essential for companies to find ways to cut costs. Luckily, this just may be the best time yet to invest in commercial solar.

Why Now for Commercial Solar?

There are a lot of impressive reasons why not only large corporations, but more and more small and medium-size businesses are making the change to commercial solar. Here are just a few.

  1. Solar Panels are More Affordable and More Effective Than Ever Before
    The price for installing solar energy has dropped exponentially over the last few years, costing less per watt to make – and far less to buy. Ten years ago, a 150-watt panel cost 80% more than a 360watt panel does today, so today you pay that much less for a superior solar product that is the same size while offering over twice the efficiency.
  2. The Price Point is At the Perfect Place
    Think about cell phones for a minute. At first they were expensive, then they became affordable – and now many of them are so astronomical in cost that you have to finance a phone, paying for it slowly over the course of years. When it comes to solar, continuing advancements and the corresponding price drops will plateau – quite possibly soon. While the cost of materials and products may continue to drop, related costs such as shipping, docking and tariffs will continue to rise, which will eventually cause the price for solar to go back up.
  3. Those Famous Government Incentives May Be Disappearing
    We know that the current government – and the head of the EPA – is against solar energy and actively working to repeal those coveted solar tax credits. So it makes sense to buy commercial solar before you lose the 30% Federal tax credit that currently applies to commercial solar customers. We know this tax credit will be in place through 2019. It amounts to a dollar for dollar credit on your owed taxes equal to 30% of the total amount you pay for a solar energy system. That adds up to some major savings. Check with your state and local government, too, as some areas are still offering additional tax credits for commercial solar customers.

Now is clearly the right time best time for your business to invest in commercial solar energy. You can install solar panels for your business and save on solar installation, your energy costs and total taxes combined. To get started on your savings, simply contact the experts at Go Smart Solar today.