How Your Business Can Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals with Commercial Solar Energy

How Your Business Can Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals with Commercial Solar Energy

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You’ve probably heard that some of the largest, most successful businesses in the U.S. have turned to solar energy. Major companies including Macy’s, General Motors, Wal-Mart, Apple, Target, IKEA, H-E-B, FedEx, and L’Oréal have decided to invest in solar – and many small and medium-sized businesses are quickly following suit. With sustainability such an important buzzword in today’s competitive business world, it only makes sense to take advantage of solar energy. While the benefits are myriad – and clearly saving money tops the list – solar is also one of the most effective ways to achieve a business’ corporate sustainability goals quickly and relatively inexpensively.

Why are Business Sustainability Goals So Important – and How Can Solar Help?

Today, corporate social responsibility programs, green energy projects, and other environmental initiatives are more important than ever, with the next generation of workers and consumers, Millennials, leading the demand. Implemented properly, these programs provide long-term benefits to your business, customers, employees, shareholders and local communities. Solar can fast-track your company for environmental sustainability in a number of ways. Today’s commercial solar panels are made of responsibly sourced, low waste materials, earning more LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points than pretty much any other green building initiative out there. If you are working toward LEED, Living Building or Zero Net Energy goals, then solar can play an essential role in reaching those high standards.

Using commercial solar power as part of your long-term sustainability planning can help you to reach not only corporate sustainability, but energy cost savings goals as well. They help your company become a better steward of the environment by using renewable energy and are also far more cost-effective. From powering office buildings, campuses and retail buildings to manufacturing facilities, data centers, warehouses, and distribution centers, there are countless many ways to switch to solar energy – and one of them is certain help your business to reach its sustainability goals.

The first step, of course, is to reach out to an expert in solar energy, who can act as your personal consultant, offering you the best options for your solar project in order to help you reach your business’ sustainability goals with solar – and managing the whole implementation process. Contact us at Go Smart to get started today!