The Latest On Solar Energy in San Antonio

Bill Sinkin’s Fingerprints on Go Smart Solar

This post written and contributed by Jason Pittman, President of Go Smart Solar, and Andrew Wood, Director of Sales Operations. Today, May 19th, is what would have been the late William “Bill” Sinkin’s 106th birthday. Bill Sinkin was an advocate for renewable energy in San Antonio and was an early adopter of solar. In honor…
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Comparing Rooftop Solar to Community Solar

This post was written and contributed by Robert Miggins, CEO of Go Smart Solar First of all, let’s get something straight.  We’re big fans of solar – all kinds.  That said the most frequent questions we get is: “How does Big Sun Community Solar compare to rooftop solar?”  So let’s go through the pros and…
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What is Energy Insecurity and How Big Sun Community Solar Is Helping

This post was written and contributed by Jacquie Moss, TEPRI Research Fellow. See original post here. Unemployment associated with the COVID-19 pandemic will likely create a concerning new wave of energy insecurity among Texans. According to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), unemployment insurance (UI) claims have exceeded 900,000 in the four-week period from March 15…
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Social Distancing and Solar, Why Big Sun Community Solar is a Safe Purchase

Our Big Sun Community Solar program is 60% sold out and we’re seeing an increase in interest for community solar as we approach a hot South Texas summer. Additionally, more families are staying home due to the COVID 19 pandemic and consequently, the use of energy has gone up. San Antonio residents and business owners…
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Why Go Smart Solar is Honored to Share SA Tomorrow’s Sustainability Award with Worth & Associates

When CPS Energy chose us to build the 5MW Big Sun Community Solar program, we knew the success of the project was dependent on support from the business community in San Antonio, particularly commercial real estate developers that believed in a future for solar energy. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited and honored to…
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Go Smart Solar Helping Local San Antonio Restaurant Pinch Boil House During COVID 19 Pandemic

In these challenging times, we believe friendship and community are more important than ever. We’ve all received emails reminding us of the importance of washing hands, maintaining social distancing, disinfecting surfaces – which we agree is incredibly important.  But we at Go Smart Solar wanted to do something more. When Robert and Jason founded Go…
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solar panels on the roof of administrative building

The Commercial Benefits of Solar Energy

The return-on-investment for businesses using solar is just as enticing as residential. When it comes to solar energy, a lot of emphasis can often be placed on what can be gained for residential homeowners and their small-scale projects. While having an energy efficient home can have both have a lasting impact on the environment as…
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Ariel View of Solar Panels on Business Buildings

Using the Investment Tax Credit for Solar Power with Your Business

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a major benefit of deploying solar panels for your business. Whether your a law office in San Antonio or a pest control company in Baltimore, when you install solar panel systems for your business, you’ll get a federal tax credit of 30% of the gross system cost. Important…
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Solar Car Ports - Go Smart Solar

Why Installing Solar Carports Is Right For Your Organization

You may not know it yet, but installing solar carports is a good move. While a regular canopy or carport offers cover and shade for cars, it’s also a missed opportunity. The solar industry has found a way to make additional use of these structures by remaking them into solar carports, also known as solar…
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Go Smart Solar San Antonio Commercial Solar Rooftop Laying Panels Blog Post Benefits of Multi-Family Solar Decrease Operating Cost, Increase NOI

Benefits of Multi-Family Solar – Decrease Operating Cost, Increase NOI

Are you wondering how you can decrease your operating expenses and increase your NOI? Put your roof to work in the Texas sun. In San Antonio, commercial property owners can take advantage of rebates, tax credits, and accelerated depreciation to decrease the cost of solar making it a great investment with high returns. NET OF ELECTRIC…
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