Social Distancing and Solar, Why Big Sun Community Solar is a Safe Purchase

Our Big Sun Community Solar program is 60% sold out and we’re seeing an increase in interest for community solar as we approach a hot South Texas summer. Additionally, more families are staying home due to the COVID 19 pandemic and consequently, the use of energy has gone up. San Antonio residents and business owners are looking to reduce their CPS Energy bill with solar credits and Big Sun Community Solar provides an easy way to get solar energy without ever having to get up from your couch. 

COVID 19 has also put a halt to many business transactions due to the shelter in place and social distancing orders that our governments have put in place. Our team has gone remote and we’re now taking calls from our homes. One thing that has remained the same is the way we manage the buying process for our customer’s solar system purchase. Because the solar system doesn’t go on the roof of a house or building, there is no need for our team to go to your home or for customers to come to our office or even the solar system location (although you’re always welcome to drive by!) 

Here’s how it works. 

Request a quote online 

Our software engineering team has worked closely with CPS Energy to provide a seamless way for customers to request a quote online. All you need is your CPS Energy  account number handy or your last month’s CPS Energy bill amount. Once we have this information, our team puts together a customized quote that will provide you 3 options to offset your electric bill, from 40% up to 100%, whatever fits your budget.

Speak to a specialist 

Once you’ve submitted our quote form, we’ll be ready to go over your quote immediately after submission. You can select a time on our calendar to speak with us at a time that is convenient for you. During the call, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Discuss the uniqueness of our community solar program and why it’s a better alternative to rooftop solar. In fact, we wrote about it here
  • Review your custom solar proposal in detail and illustrate how much you could be saving every month with solar credits. 
  • Do an analysis on which solar system size would be the best fit for your budget and how much you’d like to save on your electric bill.  
  • Show you how to reserve your solar system online.

Reserve your solar system online 

Once you’re ready to buy Big Sun, all you have to do is log into our portal and reserve your system. You can reserve the system size you discussed with our team based on the bill offset you’re looking to accomplish. To reserve your solar system and due to the limited availability, you will pay a 10% fully refundable deposit. The remaining 90% isn’t due until we start construction on your solar system at one of our carport locations. This also provides some to either get financing in place or move funds around to pay the remaining 90% balance. 

Big Sun Community Solar Carports

Reduce your CPS Energy bill automatically 

Once your solar system is online, you will start seeing solar credits on your CPS Energy bill. There is nothing you have to do as we have an official arrangement with CPS Energy. If you relocate and are still in the CPS Energy service area, you just have to give us a call and we will point the credits to your new CPS Energy account number. It’s that easy!