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Back to the office? 19 Ways To Keep Your Energy Costs Low

Click to download guide The COVID 19 pandemic drove businesses to close their office doors and ask employees to work from home. With reduced office commutes, business travel, and office utility use, outdoor air quality improved dramatically. In fact, according to Science Daily, nitrogen dioxide pollution over northern China, Western Europe and the U.S. decreased…
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Go Smart Solar San Antonio Blog Post Don't Go Solo. Get An Expert On Your Side Solar Eclipse Effect of Solar PV Systems

Solar Eclipse Effect of Solar PV Systems

Are you wondering how the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse will affect your rooftop solar system? The short answer – it’s going to cost you money. How much? Let’s look at the numbers. In San Antonio, the moon will partially block the sun for approximately 3 hours, which will cause a dip in system production.…
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