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Bill Sinkin’s Fingerprints on Go Smart Solar

This post written and contributed by Jason Pittman, President of Go Smart Solar, and Andrew Wood, Director of Sales Operations. Today, May 19th, is what would have been the late William “Bill” Sinkin’s 106th birthday. Bill Sinkin was an advocate for renewable energy in San Antonio and was an early adopter of solar. In honor…
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Comparing Rooftop Solar to Community Solar

This post was written and contributed by Robert Miggins, CEO of Go Smart Solar First of all, let’s get something straight.  We’re big fans of solar – all kinds.  That said the most frequent questions we get is: “How does Big Sun Community Solar compare to rooftop solar?”  So let’s go through the pros and…
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Go Smart Solar San Antonio Solar Gym Blog Post Now May Be The Best Time To Invest in Commercial Solar Rooftop Solar View

Now May Be the Best Time to Invest in Commercial Solar

Today, businesses face ever-increasing overhead costs – especially when it comes to electricity, which they rely on to run more and more machines and electronic devices. This makes it essential for companies to find ways to cut costs. Luckily, this just may be the best time yet to invest in commercial solar. Why Now for…
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