The Commercial Benefits of Solar Energy

solar panels on the roof of administrative building

The return-on-investment for businesses using solar is just as enticing as residential.

When it comes to solar energy, a lot of emphasis can often be placed on what can be gained for residential homeowners and their small-scale projects. While having an energy efficient home can have both have a lasting impact on the environment as well as prove to be financially beneficial to homeowners, commercial developers and owners can capitalize on the very same benefits. From farms in the agricultural industry to large class A buildings, there’s more than enough “green” to go around.

Small Business, Big Reward

Taking on the initial cost for converting your business to solar energy can seem daunting, particularly of your operation is on the smaller side (both in terms of business and actual physical space). The fact of the matter is that solar energy should be seen for what it is – an investment. Over time, the reduction in traditional energy consumption/use combined with less dependence on local energy companies can lead to major profit for small businesses. Not to mention additional rebates and incentive programs offered through various manufacturers and government programs. When operating without the cushion of large budgets and departments dedicated solely to such projects, finding any way to minimize costs can make all the difference in the success of a small company.

Large Long-Term Gain

Small business owners aren’t the only ones who stand to make a profit from going green. Large class A commercial buildings reap benefits in the form of reduced operating costs by lowering their electricity bill. Thinking long term, installing solar panels on a large building can be seen as essentially prepaying for several years of energy (several being as much as 40 years’ worth). What may be a large lump sum upfront for individuals and smaller business owners, large companies with bigger budgets can more than justify the cost when the value over time is considered. The perks of solar for large companies doesn’t stop with financial gain though. Being labeled as a company that has “gone green” can provide great opportunities for positive public relations. A company that is taking steps to leave a positive and lasting impact on the world can help to build trust among consumers, leading to long term loyalty and therefor profit. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Farm Fresh Energy

Moving away from the traditional view of business and commercial structures, those in the agricultural sector stand to benefit from solar as well. Not only do agricultural operations need to support their staff, but they have the added responsibility and financial burden of caring for the animals and produce they process. Energy needs don’t turn off when everyone clocks out at the end of their shift. Demand is round the clock. The good news is that many of these sites provide the perfect environment for capitalizing on solar energy. With the availability of large amounts of sun and plenty of space, agricultural structures possess the ability to “fuel” their needed electrical equipment almost effortlessly.

From pest control companies in strip centers to large commercial buildings in the city of San Antonio and chicken farms in the “middle of nowhere”, business owners on every scale are certain to see a return on their investment in green energy by converting to solar panels. The fact is businesses at any level requires energy to operate and using sustainable energy helps offset those costs while providing benefit to the environment, proving that solar panels can be one of the highest returns on investment you’ll see.