Why Go Smart Solar is Honored to Share SA Tomorrow’s Sustainability Award with Worth & Associates

When CPS Energy chose us to build the 5MW Big Sun Community Solar program, we knew the success of the project was dependent on support from the business community in San Antonio, particularly commercial real estate developers that believed in a future for solar energy. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited and honored to be sharing the SA Tomorrow’s Sustainability Solar Award with Worth & Associates. 

Worth’s Investment in Sustainability  

Worth & Associates is a locally owned San Antonio commercial real estate development, investment and brokerage firm operating exclusively in South Texas. They own and manage more than three million square feet of commercial real estate properties, with a focus on developing flexible, highly efficient buildings. Worth is innovative and believes in supporting new ways to create a more sustainable city. 

When we approached Bob Worth, Founder and Chairman, and Clint Worth, President of Development and Brokerage, with the concept of carport community solar, they quickly grasped the two key ideas and how they fit together:  1) Covered parking has value to their tenants and 2) together we can harness that value to lower the cost of solar for CPS Energy customers.  They were so supportive that they agreed to be our first and ‘anchor’ partner for parking lots.  Their decision to partner with us on Big Sun Community Solar reinforces Worth & Associates’ commitment to the Alamo city and it’s citizens. 

Big Sun Community Solar & Worth Properties 

With Big Sun Community Solar, there are 3072 panels across 4 Worth properties and those panels are owned by 122 San Antonio residents. Solar credits automatically show up on those residents’ CPS Energy electric bill every month.  Worth now has 391 covered, reserved parking spaces across the Big Sun Community Solar program with an additional Worth property under construction that will provide an additional 188 parking spaces.  

The locations include: 

  • Austin Highway Business Center – 162 parking spaces
  • Inwood Heritage Oaks – 116 parking spaces
  • Inwood Village – 77 parking spaces 
  • Ridgewood Plaza – 36 parking spaces
  • Farinon Business Park [Under Construction] – 188 parking spaces

About the Sustainability Award 

The City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability recognizes local programs, projects and building structures that promote sustainability and engagement with San Antonio residents. Each category supports the goals of the SA Tomorrow Plan in the areas of energy; food system; green buildings and infrastructure; land use and transportation; natural resources; public health; and solid waste resources.  Along with Worth and Associates, we’ve been awarded the SA Tomorrow Sustainability William R. Sinkin Solar Award for the work installing solar carports and electric vehicle chargers at four area Worth & Associates properties. We were set to receive the award at San Antonio’s Earth Day Event at Woodlawn Lake but this event has been postponed due to COVID-19. 

We’re particularly honored to receive the William R. Sinkin Solar Award because two of our staff have special connections to the late Mr. Sinkin, a community activist for  alternative energy in San Antonio. Our co-founder, Jason Pittman, served as a Board Director and Andrew Wood, our Director of Operations, started his career as a Solar Analyst at Mr. Sinkin’s Solar San Antonio nonprofit.

San Antonio is taking a very aggressive approach to improving its sustainability and in order for it to achieve its goals, it needs the support of its business community. That is a big reason Go Smart Solar and the Big Sun Community Solar program exist. We present local companies with an incredible opportunity to obtain covered parking and reduce their carbon footprint while providing citizens an opportunity to participate. Worth & Associates believe in supporting a more sustainable city. This couldn’t be a more perfect partnership.

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