Why Installing Solar Carports Is Right For Your Organization

Solar Car Ports - Go Smart Solar

You may not know it yet, but installing solar carports is a good move. While a regular canopy or carport offers cover and shade for cars, it’s also a missed opportunity. The solar industry has found a way to make additional use of these structures by remaking them into solar carports, also known as solar canopies.

Why Install Solar Carports?

Studies show that in today’s marketplace, implementing sustainable practices has a positive impact on employee recruitment, satisfaction, and even your local community and it’s great PR. While adding renewable, inexpensive solar energy to your business is clearly a good idea, in the long run, the benefits keep coming.

1. Easy Installation 

One of the biggest advantages of solar carports is that they don’t need any additional land like ground mount solar systems do. This means that solar panel carports offer a more effective use of space. In addition, solar carports have fewer limitations or issues than rooftop solar installations, often making them preferable to other solar energy options.

2. Millennials Matter

The younger generation is joining the workforce and changing the hierarchy when it comes to what matters for recruiting and retaining employees. Millennials have been raised with considerable awareness of sustainability issues. Surveys have found that most millennials value corporate social responsibility highly – and would be willing to give up an average of $7,600 to work for an organization that provides a better work environment that matches their values. A simple way to appeal to this growing workforce is to add solar carports.

3. Money Savings

Adding solar to your organization can increase your bottom line, making the move to this renewable form of energy a sound financial decision. With ever rising electricity costs and an impressive decrease in the overall cost of manufacturing and installing solar systems, solar power has become a more cost effective energy option than ever before. And more and more small and medium-sized companies and non-profits are joining over 100 Fortune 500 companies that have already received significant savings from implementing solar systems.

Solar carports are a safe investment, can help you recruit from the rising millennial workforce, and even help reduce your electricity cost by producing clean energy from the sun. This is why installing solar carports is right for your organization – no matter the size. Go Smart Solar can help you get started on your new carports today!